what is “going deeper”?

“Going Deeper” is one way we are encouraging a discipleship culture here at Community Church. We want to be growing in our relationships with Jesus together. One way to do this is to take Sunday's sermon with us throughout the week and to go deeper with it in our own lives. We want to reflect on these Scriptures and wrestle with them as we apply them in real ways, and then to come alongside one another in real relationships to follow Jesus together.


To this end, we will be publishing a series of daily reflection questions each week. You can sign up to receive each day’s question as an email you receive each morning for use as personal devotions or for one-on-one discipleship; you can access them through our church app; or you can download the entire week’s Going Deeper reflection guide from the church website all at once for use with a small group.


Each day’s reflection will begin with a reminder of the text we studied together on Sunday morning, as well as the main idea of the sermon. Then each day’s reflection consists of two parts — morning and evening:


Each morning, we will encourage you to consider, reflect, and pay conscious attention to some aspect of your relationship with God as you start your day. The intention is then to carry this question with you through the day, maintaining an open conversation with Jesus as you notice God’s presence in your life all day long

Each evening, we invite you to try to process your experiences of the day in any number of ways: journaling, sharing with a friend, prayer, or even through the arts or through worship. The evening section invites you to capture what you’ve learned and allow these insights to sink deeper into our hearts and our character.


In all of this, we hope to provide some tools to help grow in your relationship with Jesus. We also hope that you will gather with others during the week: one-on-one, in groups of three or four, or in an evening small group, or even an adult Sunday School class to discuss together what you’re learning and how you’re trying to live for Jesus out in the real world. Meeting together, sharing together, praying for one another — this is how we live out our vision as a church to be making disciples for the glory of Christ and the good of the city. We desire for every person at Community Church to be in an intentional relationship focused on growing closer to Jesus.

So grab someone, pour the coffee,
and go deeper together as followers of Jesus!


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