Hope in Jesus


This spring we are digging into Paul's 1st letter to the Thessalonians. This epistle is a picture of a church captured by the hope that was cemented in them when they first met Jesus. No matter the trial, hardship, persecution, or death — we see a picture of a church that is called to continue to live forward in joyful expectation for what God will do next in Jesus. We get a glimpse of the type of hope that we can fully know when we live our lives in relationship with Jesus, who’s promises are secure and who has promised to return and one day make all things new! So this spring we look to see how Paul’s letter to this church can call our church to be transformed and encouraged to live by Hope in Jesus!


Sabbath Rest


This January we are going to do the very counter-cultural, very ‘crazy' thing, and embrace God’s call to 'Sabbath Rest'. Why? Because keeping the sabbath is an incredibly important obligation and opportunity - it’s a command and a gift found throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation. For the next four weeks we are looking at why God calls us to the sabbath and each week we are going to offer a clear way to embrace God’s gift of sabbath rest in order to remember our identity is in him rather than in our busyness and accomplishments. God’s version of working is very different from the worlds, God’s version of ceasing is very different from the worlds, God’s version of resting is very different from the worlds, and God’s version of true delighting is very different from the worlds. May this month in 'Sabbath Rest' remind us that God is calling us to live all of life in relationship with Him!