Hope in Jesus


This spring we are digging into Paul's 1st letter to the Thessalonians. This epistle is a picture of a church captured by the hope that was cemented in them when they first met Jesus. No matter the trial, hardship, persecution, or death — we see a picture of a church that is called to continue to live forward in joyful expectation for what God will do next in Jesus. We get a glimpse of the type of hope that we can fully know when we live our lives in relationship with Jesus, who’s promises are secure and who has promised to return and one day make all things new! So this spring we look to see how Paul’s letter to this church can call our church to be transformed and encouraged to live by Hope in Jesus!


Sabbath Rest


This January we are going to do the very counter-cultural, very ‘crazy' thing, and embrace God’s call to 'Sabbath Rest'. Why? Because keeping the sabbath is an incredibly important obligation and opportunity - it’s a command and a gift found throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation. For the next four weeks we are looking at why God calls us to the sabbath and each week we are going to offer a clear way to embrace God’s gift of sabbath rest in order to remember our identity is in him rather than in our busyness and accomplishments. God’s version of working is very different from the worlds, God’s version of ceasing is very different from the worlds, God’s version of resting is very different from the worlds, and God’s version of true delighting is very different from the worlds. May this month in 'Sabbath Rest' remind us that God is calling us to live all of life in relationship with Him!


Advent 2018 - The Questions of Advent


(December 2018)  The sanctuary is dark. The candles are lit. The stars hang above. The carols are being sung, and we preach by telling stories. Join us this Advent season as we explore some of the questions on the hearts and lips of those we find in the birth narratives in the Gospels. From Mary and Joseph, to Herod, and even the shepherds, we’ll explore the questions they ask and we’ll see that we’re still asking these same questions… and God is still answering with beauty and power and hope.


RENEW - Rebuilding Life with God


(September - November 2018)  After seventy years of exile and some of the darkest years God’s people had ever seen, a Persian king sends them back home to rebuild their worship, their city, and their relationship with God. Join us this fall as we watch renewal unfold in Ezra’s day… and as we seek it in our own.

The first sermon in this series (God’s Promise to Renew) depends heavily on the graphics presented on-screen as Pastor Tim preached. You can listen to the sermon along with the slides by watching the video below.


God’s Promise to Renew | Ezra 1:1-4 (with slides)

Why Church? (2018)


(September 2018)  It’s the time of year when school starts; sports teams start up; calendars begin to fill up with dinner clubs and volunteer opportunities and so much more. Why do we make time for church? Why do we gather together Sunday after Sunday, and how does this affect our lives when we head back out for the rest of the week and the rest of our lives? Join us for this short, two-week series on September 9 and 16th as we explore what the Bible says about “Why Church?” and as we seek God’s best for our lives… together.


The Good News

Good News Logo 16x9.jpg

(Summer 2018)  This summer we will be celebrating "The Good News" of the gospel, and how God has good news for each of us yesterday, today, and tomorrow in the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Bible paints us a picture of how good and how newsworthy the gospel is through beautiful metaphors. God uses these metaphors in scripture to display the good news in a way that meets each and every one of us in our deepest needs. Join us this summer as we seek to hear afresh, or perhaps for the first time, how good and how newsworthy is "The Good News" that has forever changed our world!