“Making disciples…

…for the glory of Christ and the good of the city” is central to everything we do at community church. This means that discipleship is not an optional add-on piece for only those who want to grow. At Community Church we invite every person to be engaged in at least one intentional relationship where they are growing one step closer to Jesus with one another!


There are a number of domains that discipleship happens in the life of our ‘body’ including; congregational worship, Sunday school, small groups, triads, 1on1’s, mentors, families, and personal devotions. These are not in tension – but they are part of a robust and diverse desire as a body to seek to follow and trust Jesus more. For this season, we believe the primary mechanism our local body is called to pursue discipleship through are small groups. If you haven’t joined a relationship yet – why not?

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Small Groups


Are you new to the church? Have you been around for a while but want to get more connected? A new season of small groups at Community Church has started up again, and if you haven't had the chance to get connected to a small group yet, this is a great time to jump in! There are a variety of groups that meet here in Gloucester and across the North Shore. If you are considering being a part of a small group, check out the Spring Small Groups Schedule to see all of this season's active groups.

Small Groups are a great starting place to getting to know one another and encouraging each other as disciples of Jesus Christ!