Good News Sharing Sunday - September 2, 2018

If you were at church last week (Aug 26), you'll remember that we're closing our summer teaching series on the Gospel, as we have explored the images, metaphors and implications of the Good News that Jesus came, Jesus died, and Jesus rose again!

This week (Sept 2), we invite you to come to church prepared to share a small piece of YOUR story of how the Good News has changed your life.  We invite you to think and pray ahead of time, and come to church ready to share with the rest of us:  Which of these gospel images has meant the most to you?  How has the Good News changed your life?  Would you be willing to encourage us and share the reality of how Jesus changes lives?





RESCUE: Because of Jesus, I've been rescued from darkness and my evil behavior.

ADOPTION:  Because of Jesus, I have been welcomed into God's own family; I finally know where I belong.

MADE NEW: Because of Jesus, my old life is gone and I've been given a fresh start as a new creation in Christ.

PEACE WITH GOD:  Because of Jesus, my alienation from God is over, and my relationship with God has been restored.

HOPE & GLORY:  Because of Jesus, I have hope in a glorious future with God.

LIGHT: Because of Jesus, light shines into my darkness and helps me see the truth.

LIVING WATER:  Jesus satisfies my deepest needs with Himself.

ETERNAL LIFE:  Because of Jesus, I have full, abundant life, not just someday, but also right now.


Last week, Jake made a handout that might be helpful as you prepare.  It asks you, as you prepare to share, to consider organizing your thinking around three questions:


How have I experienced the ‘Bad News’?
What kind of darkness, loss, or brokenness have I experienced?  What in my life needed to be healed, transformed, or redeemed?

How has the Gospel been “Good News” in my life?
Which of the metaphors that we’ve studied this summer have I seen at work in my own life to overcome this darkness, loss, or brokenness?  How has Jesus life, death, and resurrection overcome the bad news?

 How has this changed my life?
(We’re not looking for fictional stories of perfection; but real stories of the process of transformation)
How has Jesus changed your attitudes, your relationships, your behaviors, or beliefs?



That's it.  Prayerfully think about YOUR story.  Come join us on Sunday, and I hope you might be willing to take that risk to share your story with your church family.  I am convinced that we will be encouraged by it.  

-- Pastor Tim.