Elders' Update - 2018 Fall Transitions

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Dear Friends,

We continue to praise God for His faithfulness and provision for Community Church.  He has provided an amazing staff and volunteers to serve all of us who call Community Church our home.  As the Leadership Team has worked through the latest season of transition we have been looking at how we serve our community on Sunday mornings and what we might be able to add to better provide ways for the congregation to be “equipped” and to “exalt” our Lord and Savior.

One of the options we explored was a return to a single service.  During that exploration we discovered a number of advantages.  First, we all value the idea of being able to meet and worship together all at once.  Second, the model we developed will provide for an adult Sunday School option allowing for another opportunity to equip and build into each other.  We believe a return to a single service which is preceded by a Sunday School hour is doable given our current size.   We are excited to propose a new Sunday morning framework, and we want to share this new schedule with everyone so that you can plan appropriately for the transition.

This fall, instead of returning to two worship services, we will stay at a single Sunday morning worship service where we can all worship together.  Sunday School -- for both children and adults -- will take place before this new single worship service.  Here’s what this new schedule will look like:

8:30 – Foundations Prayer (Same time)

9:00 – Children’s Sunday School (Same Time)

9:05 – Adult Sunday School (New opportunity for two classes to run for adults)

10:10 – Parents pick up kids from Sunday School and transition to church

10:30 – Family Corporate Worship Service

11:00 – Children dismissed for Children’s Church just before sermon (Grades PK-3)

11:45 – Fellowship Time

This new schedule will allow us to offer adult Sunday school, something we have struggled to find the time and space to provide, yet it still allows those volunteering for children’s ministry to attend worship together with the rest of the church body.  We understand that nursery and children’s church volunteers who serve during the service time will miss church on the Sundays they serve, and we all need to work collectively to be sure that those responsibilities are carried by many of us and not by just a few so that we can minimize the time any one person might miss the worship service.
We are excited about the community aspect of this schedule and being together for both Sunday School and worship each Sunday.   
Please let us know if you have questions or feedback.  We will be sending out additional information on the classes being provided etc. later this summer.  This new schedule will provide for the freedom to serve in many ways and we will be sharing those opportunities with you as the summer progresses.   
We are excited about how God will use this new schedule to bring us together in serving Him for the Glory of Christ and the good of the city.

The Elders and The Leadership Team